Guardianship..What is it?

July 5, 2018. Upper St. Clair, PA.  Do you have an elderly loved one in need of help? Is someone taking advantage of him/her? A loved one in trouble could suffer financially, emotionally or both. Do you want to help your loved one? Guardianship appointments can alleviate that suffering. The appointment is an especially powerful tool if the loved one suffers from a severe brain disease or a severe dementia.

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Divorce – What to ask your lawyer?

March 27, 2018.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Divorce is a troubling time for men, women and children. If you’re going through a divorce (or planning to start a divorce), a good lawyer should be able to give you tips for easing the problems felt by you and your family. In other words, when you hire a lawyer for a divorce, make sure you’re asking questions for his/her advice about more than simply protecting your assets.

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Getting divorced? Please read the following for some helpful information

August 16, 2017.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are you separated or are you considering separating from your husband or wife? If you are, then please be advised that there is a lot at stake when you separate and begin the divorce process.  Often, the longer you’ve been married the more complicated the marital asset issues are.  Your right to a share of the marital assets may not be as simple as “50/50”.  Sometimes Courts will award more than 50% to the spouse in the financially weaker position; in other words, the Court could craft that award to help the financially weaker spouse transition to the future and if you are the financially weaker spouse, then you need an experienced attorney at your side.  An experienced attorney will help you attain an outcome to help put you in the best possible position to succeed financially in your life after marriage.

When you consider the monetary value of the marriage, you cannot limit your analysis to merely your and your spouse’s base salaries and the bank accounts.  You must also consider retirement savings, bonuses, perks, stock options and other financial assets.  If there is a marital residence, then you have to create a monthly living expense budget and determine if you can afford to keep the marital home; sometimes keeping the home is a feasible option and other times it is a bad option.

You also should review your health insurance needs.  If you are unemployed, then your ability to stay-on your spouse’s work based health insurance policy will end when the Court grants the divorce.  To that end, you must develop a strategy for obtaining affordable post-marriage health insurance coverage.

If your children are young, then you will need an experienced attorney to develop a workable custody agreement that does not overly burden you or your children.  If your children are older and not in need of a custody agreement, then your divorce could impact your child’s potential inheritance.  You may need to update your estate plan to reflect those changes so that your post-death wishes are fulfilled.

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I don’t live in Pennsylvania and I was sued there for child support. Where can I find an attorney?

November 5, 2016.  Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

If you were sued for child support in Pennsylvania and you don’t live in Pennsylvania, please read this article.  Interstate enforcement of child support is required under Federal law.  That means that you can be sued for support in the State where your child resides.  Don’t pay an unreasonable attorney fee price for your cases.  Instead, contact my firm and I will offer you a reasonable attorney fee price.  

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Flat fees, good for both client and attorney

January 19, 2015.  Carnegie, Pennsylvania.

Are you hesitant to hire a lawyer because you think it costs too much? The Sembrat Law Firm offers flat fee arrangements for some legal services to help clients with limited financial resources.  Flat fee arrangements are client friendly because the arrangement caps the total amount the client pays in legal fees.  In other words, the amount you pay in attorney’s fees is fixed.

You should receive exceptional service for your money and we’ve found that for some legal services a flat fee does just that. We are available for a free consultation and are willing to discuss flat fee arrangements for some of our services.

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What happens to your email or social media accounts when you die?

December 18, 2014.  Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania.

This is a great question and one we may be able to to help you with.  As of the date of this blog, I believe Pennsylvania has not passed legislation giving executors power over the decedent’s digital assets (such as social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and there is also almost no binding case law regarding digital assets.

The best thing you can do may be to inform your survivors about what it is that you want.  Say to your spouse and parents, ‘No, you can’t read my email after I die or yes, I want you to.’ With that type of intent documented, your executor may be able to obtain authorization (perhaps from an Order of Court) authorizing him or her to close your digital accounts.  Our firm can help you document your intentions.

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For further information, I recommend reading the following Wall Street Journal article.

Divorce, a Difficult Time for Everyone

December 5, 2014.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Brian and Bailey are married.  Bailey knows the marriage is over.  Bailey wants to end the marriage.  However, Bailey knows that Brian may become uncooperative once the divorce officially starts.  What can Bailey do to bring the marriage to an end?

This is a great question.  A lawyer can help you with this problem.  No one can force you to be married and a lawyer can help guide you through the process of dissolving the marriage and getting the best result for yourself.  The end of a marriage can be a stressful time for everyone involved.

Your lawyer should be able to give you clear advice so that you know about your legal rights and local court procedures. Having a lawyer at your side may ultimately relieve the stress and burden of having to deal directly with an uncooperative person.

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Estate Planning for Parents

December 5, 2014.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Adam and Ashley are married and they live in Pennsylvania.  Adam and Ashley have a child named Brandi.  This year Brandi turns 2 years old.  Adam and Ashley want to plan for Brandi’s future and direct someone to provide care for Brandi in case their Wills are probated while Brandi is a minor child.  Adam and Ashley could provide that direction in their Last Will and Testament.

Why should Adam and Ashley write a Last Will and Testament?

That is a good question and one you should consult your lawyer about.  Many parents direct their lawyer to write the Will so that a guardian is appointed for their minor children.  To plan for that scenario, Adam and Ashley could ask their lawyer to write a Will which establishes a guardian for Brandi and then, if the Wills are probated before Brandi reaches the age of majority (in Pennsylvania, that age is 18), the guardian would be appointed to care for her.

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