December 5, 2014.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Adam and Ashley are married and they live in Pennsylvania.  Adam and Ashley have a child named Brandi.  This year Brandi turns 2 years old.  Adam and Ashley want to plan for Brandi’s future and direct someone to provide care for Brandi in case their Wills are probated while Brandi is a minor child.  Adam and Ashley could provide that direction in their Last Will and Testament.

Why should Adam and Ashley write a Last Will and Testament?

That is a good question and one you should consult your lawyer about.  Many parents direct their lawyer to write the Will so that a guardian is appointed for their minor children.  To plan for that scenario, Adam and Ashley could ask their lawyer to write a Will which establishes a guardian for Brandi and then, if the Wills are probated before Brandi reaches the age of majority (in Pennsylvania, that age is 18), the guardian would be appointed to care for her.

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