December 18, 2014.  Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania.

This is a great question and one we may be able to to help you with.  As of the date of this blog, I believe Pennsylvania has not passed legislation giving executors power over the decedent’s digital assets (such as social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and there is also almost no binding case law regarding digital assets.

The best thing you can do may be to inform your survivors about what it is that you want.  Say to your spouse and parents, ‘No, you can’t read my email after I die or yes, I want you to.’ With that type of intent documented, your executor may be able to obtain authorization (perhaps from an Order of Court) authorizing him or her to close your digital accounts.  Our firm can help you document your intentions.

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For further information, I recommend reading the following Wall Street Journal article.